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      Products and Services


      Cooling Water, Circulation Pump

      The AQUA Series pumps are single stage, single suction and horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps. The pump is non-self priming, back pull-out design. If the pump is fitted with flexible spacer coupling, it can be dismantled without moving the motor and piping connection. The pump is noted for its stability by the internal structure, its volute casing is fitted with a replaceable wear ring and has a suction vane to provide smooth flow to the hydraulically balance impeller, its three bearing design is rigid and reliable, its stainless steel shaft ensures better in quality. The design of the pump comply with DIN24255 design standard allowing full interchangeability with equivalent pump.

      Model Inlet Outlet Max Capacity
      Max Head
      D32 50 32 26 99
      D40 65 40 40 97
      D50 65 50 78 100
      D65 80 65 144 97
      D80 100 80 225 96
      D100 125 100 340 59
      D125 150 125 475 55
      D150 200 150 600 86
      Casing Impeller Shaft Seal
      Freshwater Cast Iron Bronze Stainless Steel Gland Packing / Mech Seal
      Seawater Bronze Bronze Stainless Steel Gland Packing / Mech Seal