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      Products and Services

      Aflex Ships Equipment: We Meet Your Needs

      Leading marine spare parts’ supplier of pump spares, purifier spares, heat exchanger spares and compressor spares among others to meet your business needs.

      Our marine spare parts assure user durability and compatibility. Additionally, we also provide quality replacement spare parts at reasonable prices. Our specialized staff, with their experienced knowledge of marine spare parts will assure you a hassle free application of technical and comprehensive parts.

      At Aflex Ships Equipment, our marine spare parts can b e accustomed to meet the requirements of our customers. Our long-term clientele have benefitted from our services for years and are convinced about our effectiveness. Do contact us with your marine spare parts’ request. We will be delighted to answer your queries promptly and offer our service to your best satisfaction.

      Pump Parts
      Allweiler Azcue Desmi DBR Pumpen
      Hamworthy Heishin IMO Iron
      Ishii Itur JMW Jurgoturbina
      Naniwa Sasakura Savnehoj Shinko
      Shin Shin Taiko Kikai Teikoku Termomeccania
      Thune Eureka
      Compressor Spares
      Bumhan Hatlapa Sperre Tanabe
      Purifier Spares
      Mitsubishi Westfalia Alfa Laval
      Heat Exchanger Plates and Gaskets
      Alfa Laval APV
      Gate Globe Pressure Relief Valve Wafer
      Electrical Motors
      IEC Standard Motor
      JIS Standard Motor
      Nema Standard Motor
      Customized Jobs
      Machining or Reconditioning of Shaft
      Impeller Castings

      If you would like to request for pricing or information, please contact us at: sales@aflex.com.sg